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Issues with slow running or clogged sewer systems can be caused by multiple things. To avoid unnecessary work being done, a video camera inspection of the sewer lines is a valuable tool. Video camera sewer inspection allows our expert technicians to see inside the pipes, no matter if they run under your yard or your home's foundation.

Sewer lines can easily become clogged, particularly in an older home that has an old fashioned plumbing system. These lines may be smaller in diameter than modern piping, leaving less room for debris to pass. Cleaning these lines should be done by a professional plumbing service to ensure that it is done properly with minimum disruption to your everyday life.

Our sewer line cleaning is done through hydro jetting, a system of using pressurized water to clean the inside of the pipe. Pressurized water helps to clean the buildup from the inside of the pipe, leaving plenty of room for wastewater to pass through. High pressure sewer line cleaning is fast and effective, restoring your plumbing system to working condition within a short time.

Video Camera Sewer Line Inspections

In some cases, the issue with a home's drainage system is not buildup. Rocks or foreign items can become caught in the pipes. Outside your home, the roots of nearby trees can grow into the path of a pipe underground. Tree roots are surprisingly strong and in some cases can grow through a pipe or displace the pipe from its place in the drainage system. This can cause an especially large problem if the tree root is affecting the main drain which carries the wastewater from your home to the public sewer system. Using the RIGID SeeSnake system, our expert plumbers can inspect the sewer line to see where the issue is before digging and repair work begins. This results in a more precise solution that eliminates unnecessary messes.

If your sewer system is not draining properly, call David Gray Plumbing to have your sewer line inspected or cleaned.

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