What Hurricane Season Means for Your Plumbing

Posted by Gary Gray on Oct 04, 2019


The First Coast has been fortunate this year in avoiding a catastrophic hurricane hit, but that doesn't mean it isn't vulnerable to major storms and flooding. Is your home's plumbing prepared for whatever this hurricane season might still have in store?

Make Sure Outdoor Drains are Clear

Drains cluttered or clogged with debris can't handle the overload of water from a heavy storm or hurricane. Make sure they're completely cleared so you don't have to deal with a home that's flooded. While you're at it, make sure gutters and downspouts are securely fastened to the house and clear roadside drainage of debris to prevent backup.

Get a Plumbing Inspection

If there are little plumbing issues you've been putting off taking care of, before the storm is a perfect time to schedule a plumbing inspection. If necessary, a professional plumber can perform preventive maintenance to keep your lines and fixtures in storm-ready condition.

If a Hurricane is Headed Your Way

Prepare your plumbing ahead of time and you'll likely have less damage to deal with.

If you have a pool, the Florida Swimming Pool Association has some great tips for getting it ready for a major storm. Tip #1: don't drain it!

Check Your Plumbing After the Storm

Once the storm or hurricane passes, check your plumbing by:

Caution: when heading outside, be sure to check for exposed or fallen electrical lines and stay far away. Always assume a downed wire is a live one!

Hurricane season is an unfortunate reality for Florida homeowners and the damage it leaves behind can have a huge impact on your life and home. Preparing your plumbing for whatever the storm brings hopefully means one less expense you'll need to handle once the wind and rain have subsided.

Those of us who live in the Jacksonville area have so far been able to breathe a sigh of relief over avoiding the devastation so many other people in the state have faced from this year's hurricanes. But we still need to prepare for severe weather.

David Gray Plumbing can help ensure your home's water main and sewer line is prepared for whatever storms are on the horizon. We've been serving the plumbing needs of the Jacksonville, FL area for over 25 years. To learn more about all the services we offer, including hurricane preparedness, give us a call at 904-204-4360 or contact us online today.

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