The Harsh Effects of Hard Water

Posted by Gary Gray on Sep 24, 2019


Hard water is harmless to drink and use, but it can create a huge hassle for plumbing fixtures. It is important for homeowners to address this issue head on to avoid potential issues.

Read on to learn more about hard water and how you can mitigate its unsightly effects.

Hard Water in Northeast Florida

Hard water is a term used to describe water that has high amounts of calcium, magnesium and a variety of other trace metals. It is not considered a health hazard - in fact, some research suggests that drinking hard water can actually be good for you.

The water supply to most of Northeast Florida is sourced from a limestone aquifer. As a result, the water retains a significant amount of these natural minerals. Jacksonville's water supply is rated "very hard" - the United States Geological Survey's highest level of hardness.

Common Problems

The mineral deposits from hard water build up on plumbing fixtures, creating an unsightly layer of calcium that can be tough to remove. Sinks, faucets and showerheads are particularly prone to this buildup. While it's not harmful, it can become a hassle to scrub off.

Unfortunately, exterior surface buildup is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to hard water issues. The same mineral accumulation you spot on the outside of pipes subsequently occurs on the inside, which causes trouble for your entire plumbing system over time.

Hard water buildup within your pipes reduces water flow to and from your home, decreasing water pressure and increasing the likelihood of clogs and leaks within your system. It also wreaks havoc on water heaters, encouraging corrosion and shortening the lifespan of your unit. Washing machines and dishwashers also tend to suffer from prolonged hard water use. Significant calcium buildups can even cause appliances to leak or fail completely depending on the severity of the issue.

Solutions for Homeowners

The most effective way to end the effects of hard water across your pipes is to install a water softener in your home. A water softening system has many benefits, including:

If hard water is becoming hard to handle, contact our professional plumbers to discuss options and pricing for a water softening unit. The experts at David Gray Plumbing can ensure a smooth transition to soft water. Call David Gray Plumbing at (904) 724-7211 or visit our website at

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